Our mission

Creating “Value”
to be loved.

Our mission

To make “Value” that our
customers love,
And keep making the
world “Fashionable”.


How can we, as a garment manufacturer of Japan, contribute to the market? We wonder.
We are a garment manufacturer so that we can only create values through manufacturing garments.
Are our garments loved by our customer?
Are our garments making the world fashionable?
We always ask ourselves how we can find and create our own value, That contributes to the market through our sewing skills.


To make a company that makes us feel “Happy” and “Prideful”.

会社を代表する私の会社経営の目的は この経営理念の一文に込められています。
掲げる理念に近づくためには、 我々のモノ(価値)づくりで 社会に貢献することが大前提となりますが、その結果として得られる「幸せ」と、技術者集団としての「誇り」を手に、社員みんな、その家族や仲間が意義のあるより良い人生を送れるよう、 我々の会社モンスターは存在しています。

The reason why I run this company is in this philosophy.
That’s to make a company that makes all of us at Monster Co. feel happy and prideful.
It’s necessary that we have to create our own value and give what the market requires in order to make such a company, as a result, we could spend our lives happily with our families and friends.
Monster Co. only exists for that.


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