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  • 2021 10 20

3D バーチャルファクトリーツアーができるようになりました。

3D VIEW バーチャルファクトリーツアー / 3D VIEW Virtual Factory Tour



服のイメージがデザインとなり、 使用される生地が選ばれ製造過程へと移ります。
そこではパターン(型紙)の作成から始まり、 縫い方やステッチの色まで こと細かな縫製仕様が決められ、
そして裁断、縫製、仕上、検査という工程を経て、 1着の服ができあがります。
工場では1着の服づくりに多くの人間が関わり、 それぞれが持つ経験や知識、
どこでつくったのかではなく、 誰がその服をつくったのか。
出荷担当までが一丸となり、 愛される商品をつくることのできる

You can experience the inside of the Monster factory as if you were actually visiting.
We will show you how we manufacture our products on a daily basis.
Real factory tours are also available, and we look forward to receiving your application.


The image of the garment becomes the design, the fabrics are selected, and the manufacturing process begins.
The process begins with the creation of a pattern (paper pattern), and detailed sewing specifications, such as sewing methods and stitch colors, are determined.
The garment is then cut, sewn, finished, and inspected.
In the factory, many people are involved in the production of one garment, and the experience, knowledge, and sensitivity of each person are reflected in the production of the garment as it is.
The experience, knowledge, and sensibilities of each person are reflected directly in the production of each garment.
It is not about where the clothes were made, but who made them.
Sewing craftsmen with decades of experience and young sewing professionals who are aspiring to become sewing professionals.
young employees who aim to become sewing professionals in the future
The administrative staff, sales staff, pattern makers, cutters, and shipping staff who support the sewing site work together as a team.
We will continue to aim to be a sewing factory that can produce products that are loved by customers.
We will continue to aim to be a sewing factory that can produce products that will be loved by customers.


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