はじめの歩み寄り / First step


インターンシップは、 最低でも2週間という期間を設けています。


目的を持ち、意識も高く、会社としても 取り組みやすいと感じています。

The internship period is a minimum of two weeks.
We believe that two weeks is enough time to get a feel for the company, communicate with our employees, and exchange information.


Many of the people who choose our company have attended fashion-related schools or have always loved fashion, and most of them come to us proactively asking for an internship on their own initiative.
They have a purpose and a high level of awareness, which makes it easy for us as a company to work with them.

一歩進んだ体験 / A one step further experience


インターンシップを通じて、普段学校では使わない 縫製工場の工業ミシンを触ったり、実際に販売されている製品を作ったりするので、より実践的な経験を積むことができます。
続ければ続けるほど、これまでは30枚しかできなかったけど、今は同じ時間で50枚できるようになったり、手や指の動かし方一つで 速く美しく仕上げられるようになったりと、日々成長を実感できる場でもあります。
デザイナーになりたいのか、縫製をしたいのか、まだ進路が決まっていない方でも、まずは作ってみないと分かりませんので、 気軽に参加してくださると嬉しいです。
また、就職試験を受けるだけでは、社風に自分が合っているかどうかを判断することができませんので、ぜひインターンシップを 活用してくださると良いですね。

Through the internship, students can gain more practical experience by touching industrial sewing machines in sewing factories that are not usually used in school and making products that are actually sold in the market.

There are 20 to 30 types of sewing machines alone, and the machines used vary depending on the product, but these things are not easy to experience at school and can only be learned by coming to the site.

In addition, there are also different sewing methods suitable for different materials, which can only be learned through experience.
The more you continue, the more you will be able to experience daily growth, such as being able to do 50 pieces in the same amount of time when you could only do 30 before, or being able to finish a garment quickly and beautifully with a single movement of your hand or fingers.

I think our challenge for the future is how much we can help those who “love making things” and “love fashion” learn about our company during their internship period and how much they want to work for this company.

Even if you have not yet decided on a career path, whether you want to be a designer or a sewer, you will not know until you try making something first, so we hope you will feel free to participate.
Also, you cannot determine whether or not you fit into the company culture just by taking a job examination, so I hope you will take advantage of the internship program.

インターンシップ制度の受け入れ情報については、下のリンクボタンより“Recruit 採用情報ページ”をご確認の上、お申し込みください。

For information on internship opportunities, please click the link below to visit the Recruit Careers page and apply.


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