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Indoor Golf Club Fukui / Golf wear

インドアゴルフクラブ福井 / オリジナルゴルフウェア

動機 / Motivation



We received an OEM manufacturing request for mock-neck type golf wear from Indoor Golf Club, which operates an indoor driving range in Fukui Prefecture using the latest simulation system.
They had previously made staff wear, etc., and in those cases, they had purchased plain, ready-made products and printed the store’s name and logo on them.
However, while the cost was lower, the client wanted to create original, high-quality golf wear using better fabric and a convincing design.

制作の流れ / Production flow

生地選び / Selecting fabrics



We created a pattern in our favorite size (collar height and length) for the original, and also selected the most comfortable fabric from several different types.
This fabric is commonly known as “cardboard,” and it is characterized by its overwhelmingly good elasticity, smoothness and softness against the skin, and a springy surface.
The fabric is a blend of 86% nylon and 14% polyurethane, which does not wrinkle and is very easy to care for as it can be simply dried after washing.

プリント加工の検討 / Consideration of print process


生地の色は黒にして、衿と前身に「I.G.C(Indoor Golf Club)」のロゴを白で転写プリント加工しました。

The fabric color is black, and the “I.G.C (Indoor Golf Club)” logo is transfer-printed in white on the collar and front. The look is simple and chic, and the fabric is highly stretchable to provide functionality for playing golf. The number of customers who use Indoor Golf Club is increasing, and they are also hearing from customers who are looking for stylish and functional golf wear, so they are planning to sell this as the store’s original wear in the future.

ゴルフウェアならではの首元 / Neck unique to golf wear



Although “collared” was considered the manner of golf, mock necks are gradually becoming more popular and more people are enjoying golf casually because they are free from “tightness around the neck” and “heat in summer.
By emphasizing the mock neck with a print around the neck, which is also associated with the image of golf, we are expressing the philosophy of the Indoor Golf Club.


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