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酒乃店はやし / Uniform

瓶の奥にある風景を伝える、ユニフォーム / オーダーメイド

酒乃店はやし / Sakenomise Hayashi




新店舗では今まで以上に全国のお酒を広く提供し、さらに「総菜 謹 – Kin -」にて手仕事の肴を提供いたします。

More than 100 years ago, we started as a small sake shop in Takefu Town (now Echizen City), Fukui Prefecture, and have been delivering sake from Hokuriku and all over Japan to you.

Until now, we have operated in Echizen City and Haruyama, Fukui City, but we have decided to combine the two stores into one and start a new Echizen Sake Shop Hayashi in Nishikata, Fukui City.

At the new store, we will offer a wider variety of sake from all over Japan than ever before, as well as hand-crafted snacks at “Sosai – Kin -“.


The theme of our store is “to convey the scenery behind the bottle,” and with this in mind, we offer handmade sake that is an extension of Japanese agriculture.





When we opened our new store, we decided to make our original uniforms.

Our previous uniforms were beige, but this time we decided on a deep khaki color with a more relaxed feel.
The fabric conveys a matte feeling, so I think it blends in easily with the calm atmosphere of the store.

Also, the fabric is stretchy, so it feels easy to move around in a job where you have to move around a lot, such as carrying drinks. The store’s logo is embroidered on the chest for a point of interest.



We have many opportunities to explain to our customers the background and characteristics of each sake, as we handle many rare sake from all over Japan, but wearing our original uniforms makes us feel more proud of our work.

We will continue to make a concerted effort to be loved by more and more people in the future.


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