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WoodWood Coffee Roast Service / Apron

こだわりがたくさん詰まっている、デニムエプロン / オーダーメイド

WoodWood Coffee Roast Service









We have two stores, one in Fukui City and the other in Echizen City, where we roast coffee beans imported from all over the world. Anyway, we value “persistence”.


We are particular about roasting.
Our original recipe is the result of continuous conversations with each bean during the roasting process.


We are particular about each and every bean.
We visually inspect each bean for uneven roasting and defects, and remove them by hand to maximize the beans’ original characteristics, taste, and flavor.


We are particular about the shipping bag.
The bag prevents coffee from breaking by allowing carbon dioxide gas emitted from the coffee to escape from the bag and oxygen that enters when the bag is sealed to prevent the bag from breaking. This also prevents oxidation of the coffee and preserves its freshness.








I’m obsessed with aprons.”
And now, we have created an original staff apron (also sold in the store).

The fabric is denim, and I made it with the hope that it would change over time to give the aprons a more distinctive look. Since many of our staff members are women, we made it in a size that suits women and added more pockets for fun.

We made the neck part as wide as possible to reduce the burden on the neck.


The logo of the store is printed on the apron, which was made by a designer with an interesting background who quit his job as a teacher at a local high school to become a designer. The design is very cute, and the print is slightly hidden in the pocket of the apron.


I am very happy with the quality of the finished apron, which reflects the care that went into its design!


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