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HUDGE / Happi coat


縫製工場を紹介する内容にふさわしく、生地のこだわりや裁断、縫製、そしてデザイナー紹介を通 服が生産されるまでの流れを丁寧に記載し、モンスターが長年の歴史の中で培った技術や品質の高さを紙面上で紹介することができた。

Our first encounter with the design firm Huge Inc. was when we asked them to produce a tabloid to introduce our factory.
The paper was appropriate for introducing a sewing factory, and carefully described the process of manufacturing clothes, including the particulars of fabrics, cutting, sewing, and introduction of designers, and introduced the technology and high quality that Monster has cultivated over its long history.


Some time later, Huge asked us to make happi coats for them to wear as team uniforms when participating in events.
At that time, Huge was about to participate in an event called “Hamacho Mirai Sake Bar,” where a number of sake breweries gathered at one time, each wearing their own happi coats.
Huge was going to open a booth as the food and beverage section of the event, and the idea of a happi coat was conceived as a way to unite with the sake breweries and to be worn casually in a modern style.






The happi coat produced this time took the form of a bolero that blends in with the atmosphere.
Bolero is a Spanish word that originated from a jacket worn by dancers, and it is a uniform that can be worn happily at festivals and events.
Since the event was held in early spring, the fabric used was a thick jersey-lined material.
This material is a sweatshirt fabric often used for sweatshirts and hoodies, and has a sturdy construction with a pile on the reverse side of the fabric, which provides excellent heat and moisture retention properties.


The design of the bolero is simple, but the letters are silk-screen printed with a large enough impact to catch the eye.
Because of its size, this design requires advanced printing techniques.
Pockets are located on both sides of the hem for ease of use.

The overall design of the fashionable casual bolero attracted a lot of attention, and after the event, inquiries about this happi coat continued to come in.

Huge continues to wear this happi coat whenever he participates in events after this, giving the public a sense of teamwork and buzz.


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