インターンシップ / 土井 亜悠未さん

土井 亜悠未さん
インターンシップ期間 2022/5/16-20



Ayumi Doi

Internship period 2022/5/16-20


Kanazawa Bunka Fashion College

インターンシップに申し込んだ理由はなんですか? / Why did you apply for the internship?


When I toured the company, I learned that they make products for one yen per second, and I applied for the internship because I wanted to deepen my understanding of how the manufacturing industry works and its appeal.

インターンシップで何か学ぶことができましたか? / Did you learn anything from your internship?


I participated in a one-week internship program and experienced the flow of pattern making, cutting, sewing, and inspection. I felt that each one of us must always have a high level of awareness and act accordingly, because if one process is delayed, the entire process will be delayed.
I also felt that making products throughout the entire process is the fascination of manufacturing.

これからの学校生活や、 将来の就職に今回のインターンシップは役に立ちそうですか? / Do you think this internship will be useful for your future school life and future employment?


It was a period during which I was constantly aware of the speed of sewing and the need to act early in everything, and I would like to apply what I learned to my classes and job hunting.

モンスターの職場の雰囲気はどうでしたか? / What was the atmosphere like at Monster?


I was very attracted to the people who were working with great care.
Also, everyone talked to me casually, and I thought it was a very comfortable environment.

これからインターンシップを考えている学生に一言 / What would you like to say to students who are considering an internship?


By actually working, you will realize what you are good at and what you are not good at, and I think it will be a more fulfilling internship if you act with a sense of purpose.
If you are interested, please join us.


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